July 20, 2016

Benefits of the Building Expansion

We will have a New Beis Midrash for daily minyanim. This new space will hold about 20 more people than the old Beis Midrash/Sephardic minyan room.
New larger rooms for each of these groups, which we desperately need. Each new room will comfortably hold about 35 children, which is significantly larger than the old rooms that can only hold about 10-15 children comfortably. This new space is sufficient for our current needs and provides adequate space for further growth.
The Teen Minyan, currently in the temporary trailers, will daven in the New Beis Midrash. This new space is significantly larger than the old Teen Minyan room, with a capacity of about 60 people compared to 30 people in the old Teen Minyan room.

This additional space could also be used to accommodate members seeking an alternative to the Main Sanctuary during large semachot.
The new Jr. Congregation room will fit up to 60 people. This new space is essential for the Jr. Congregation that is currently housed in the trailers. The Jr. Congregation will not have any space absent the Building Expansion.
The trailers are temporary and our trailer permits are only available while we proceed with the Building Expansion. Absent the trailers, there is no space for the Jr. Congregation or Teen Minyan (Grades 4-12) in our shul.
The new Sephardi Minyan room will be able to open up to hold nearly 100 people — almost double its former size.
The Alt-Kiddush room will provide plenty of space for a shul-wide Kiddush when the main hall is reserved. The Alt-Kiddush room will be located in the Jr. Congregation room, which will have a moveable wall to allow it to connect with another group classroom. This expanded Alt-Kiddush room will comfortably hold 100 people.
There will be space for multiple community events (e.g., private member events, adult education classes and bar mitzvah lessons) in different classrooms all over the shul. Currently these programs are held in the old Sephardic Minyan room, in the Pre-K Groups room, the basement, or in the trailers. It’s not enough or the proper space for adult classes and meetings.
There is a lot of noise in the hallway that travels into the Main Sanctuary during services. The Building Expansion will include a buffer zone to reduce the noise entering the Main Sanctuary.
The shul currently employs one full time employee to manage accounts receivable, donations, hall rentals etc. There is no designated space for our employeeto conduct these activities. The shul office will be a designated space for her and provide space to keep shul-related filings, conduct shul business, and meet with members for shul related business.
On Shabbos, the Shul Office will be available as a private and secure Nursing Room for mothers.
Members often have a need to meet with the Rabbi to discuss private matters. Upon completion of the Building Expansion project, the Rabbi will have a designated space in the shul to meet with Members in private.
There is not enough space to hang coats during the winter months. The Building Expansion will provide additional coat rooms.
The Building Expansion will include new and additional bathrooms.
Upon completion of the Building Expansion, the trailers will be removed and 21 parking spaces will be available across the street. The parking lot will also provide adequate space for a larger Sukkah.