anshei shalom
building expansion campaign

We are getting very close to completing our new home. The electric, plumbing, HVAC, and sprinklers are complete. The fire alarm updates are close to being completed and the drywall is already going up.

We are now focusing our attention on the final phase of the project, which is selecting and installing the finishes for the building. This includes flooring, bookcases, new Aarons, and equipment for the new kitchen in the new social hall.

We have all waited anxiously for many years for this new building, which will bring our membership back together under a single roof. The new building will include new classrooms for groups, a new bet midrash, a new Sephardic room, a new social hall with a separate kitchen so that we can host multiple events at Anshei weekly, an office for Rabbi Soniker and for our office manager.

The accomplishments to date were made possible by the generosity of our membership. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities that remain for the building and collecting additional funds is critical to having beautiful finishes in the new building.


Description Amount
Mezuzot (4 available) $2,500
Bet Midrash $50,000
Bet Midrash Shulchan $15,000
Bet Midrash - Mechitzah Panel (4 needed) $2,500
Nursery Room $10,000
Sephardic Room - Custom Bookcase $10,000
Sephardic Room - Shulcan $7,500
Sephardic Room - Sink $2,500
Jr. Congregation Minyan Room $30,000
Jr. Congregation Minyan Room Furnishings $2,500
Classrooms (3 available) $15,000
Classroom Furnishings (3 available) $2,500
New Warming Kitchen $15,000
Kitchen Warming Oven (2 available) $7,500
Kitchen Fridge (2 available) $4,000
Kitchen Freezer (2 available) $4,000
Kitchen Cabinets $8,000
Kitchen Counter $4,000
New Social Hall - Large Custom Bookcase (2 available) $10,000
New Social Hall - Aaron and Regular Parochet $20,000
New Social Hall - Yom Tov Parochet $7,500
New Social Hall - Ner Tamid $3,500
New Social Hall Speakers $3,000
CSS Room $5,000

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