July 20, 2016


We’ll do it together. 285 families strong, along with expected additional funding.
Every dollar counts, so please do your best to support this important project.
Many employers may have matching donation programs or other charitable programs that can help. We encourage you to check if your employer offers any such programs. If you have further questions on eligibility of this donation under the program, please email us at building@anshei.org.
The trailers were always a short-term solution. We only have the permits for the trailers as long as we are moving forward with the Building Expansion.
The Main Sanctuary is beautiful and comfortably fits our membership for the overwhelming majority of year. Expansion of the Main Sanctuary is not necessary at this point. However, the additional space in the Building Expansion is designed to be flexible. On the unusual Shabbatot or Yamim Tovim where there is over-crowding in the Main Sanctuary, we will have flexibility to make space available for members in other rooms.
Yes. The new Junior Congregation room will have a movable wall that can open up into a large Alt-Kiddush room.
Those plans were scaled back after careful consideration to adjust the fundraising campaign to an amount that could reasonably be accomplished based on our shul’s membership, while addressing the most pressing space constraints confronting the growth of our shul. That being said, the second floor will be framed and we hope to slowly build it to the original plans.
No. We believe the shul should have sufficient space for the growth of the families of its existing members for the foreseeable future.
Yes. Generally, donors will get a deduction based on the value of the stock on the date of the donation without being required to recognize capital gain on the unrealized appreciation in the stock. Donors should discuss the benefits of donating appreciated stock with their accountants. If you are considering donating appreciated stock, please email us at building@anshei.org